Top 10 Amazon Favorites

I’m addicted to Amazon and I’m not afraid to show it!! Here are my top 10 favorites I’ve been loving recently!

Electric Lighter | Seamless Workout Set | Aztec Face Mask | Makeup Bag | Candle Holders | Sunglass/Mask Chain | Blue Light Glasses | Beanie | Claw Clips | Wicker Basket

1. Electric Lighter

I bought this as a gift to Jay but we both love it! It’s fun to use and all you have to do it recharge it. Gooooodbye normal lighters.

2. Seamless Workout Set

One of the cutest sets I’ve purchased from amazon. Super comfy, you’ll want to buy it in all the colors.

Don’t You Wanna Look Just Like This????

3. Aztec Face Mask

I’m super late to the bandwagon but if you need another sign to buy this face mask, here it is. It’s done an amazing job controlling my oil and keeping my pores clean.

Makeup Bag

4. Makeup Bag

I was in desperate need of a new makeup bag and this one made it so easy to keep organized. It comes with a few adjustable dividers so you can put it how you want it and also has pockets for your brushes! All around a great makeup bag that you can travel with.

Candle Holders

5. Candle Holders

In love with these candle holders!! Antique candle holders can get very expensive and these are cheap + the color isn’t too gold.

Sunglass Chain

6. Sunglass/Mask Chain

I got this chain for my sunglasses but I have friends that also use them as a mask chain! They give me very 90s grandma vibes and I love it. There’re also very practical.

7. Blue Light Glasses

Now their are various blue light glasses on Amazon but I love these. You can never go wrong with a tortoise shell.

8. Beanie

I love this pink beanie. It’s warm and comes in a ton of colors.

9. Claw Clips

My favorite clips of all time! I have super thick hair and these hold it all and doesn’t fall down. They come in cute and trendy colors too.

Wicker Basket

10. Wicker Basket

This basket can be used for anything but I bought it as a plant holder. It’s very trendy looking but also so affordable than other wicker baskets. The one shown is size medium.


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