November Mood Board

Ahh November, the month of the turkey. I don’t know about ya’ll but I’ve fallen in love with fall! NYC has turned the prettiest colors of orange and red and I’m obsessed.

You know how each state has its own tag line? Tennessee for example is the volunteer state, California is the golden state. Well November is known for either no shave November or giving thanks. Since I can’t grow a beard, I’ve really taken a step back and looked back at how thankful I am for this year.

This quote which is a major part of my mood board is something I think more people need to read.

“I did the being edgy and self-deprecating thing, it gets old. I wanna be soft and easily impressed. I wanna appreciate all the little things that make me happy the same way I’ve dwelled on every single thing that upsets me. “

A lot of people can get caught up in life and forget to take a step back! So I challenge you to let the small things roll off your back and appreciate all the little things because it’s full speed ahead to turkey!!

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