The City of Beer

I’ve been in Prague now on and off since August 31st. What else can I say, I love this city of beer!

Prague can be described as a city that loves secondhand clothing stores, being a bit more reserved that other countries, beautiful buildings, beer over water and having the best sausage. So basically the deal with the beer here is that it’s the cheapest drink you can get. You can get one beer at most places for the hefty price of $1.50. In most restaurants beer is cheaper than water, which being a broke college student I’ve had quite a lot of beer. Another thing I’ve noticed is that their economy is still struggling on its way back up, hence them having more secondhand clothing stores than normal. Another part of their culture is that they keep to themselves a lot more than Americans do. They don’t smile or talk to random strangers like people in the south do (missing the kind Tennessee people). Also the best three words you could hear: Old Prague Sausage. It’s basically a hot dog on steroids (amazing). The best stand is in Wenceslas Square. However if that’s not your thing, they also have an amazing pizza place right across the street.

Recently I saw the movie Anthropoid, which was a movie based in Prague during WWII when Reinhard Heydrich was assassinated. I really enjoyed this movie because I still haven’t been on any kind of walking tour of Prague yet (ugh); and it showed me some interesting history!! Would 10/10 recommend if you love WWII and Jamie Dornan.

All in all I love Prague so far and I feel like I’ve already learned so much! I learned how to cook typical Czech food, learned that Google maps can save your life and also to always check if you are putting sugar or salt into your coffee…Prague already has a special place in my heart and I can’t wait for many more adventures!!



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