“Let’s wander where the wifi is weak”

This week I fell in love… With the Swiss alps. I have been in Interlaken, Switzerland for the past 5 days and let me tell ya, this place is taken right from a fairytale. There were quaint cottages, cows, cheese, chocolate, and amazing views. Interlaken is a resort town in the middle of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. To get the image in your head here are some pictures.


Lake Thun

Lake Brienz

The first day we checked into our hostel, which is the Balmers Campground. Allison and I stayed in a private tent with shared bathrooms/showers (Gave me a major bonnaroo throwback, but better water). First we went to a place called Harder Kulm. It’s a pretty steep trolley to get up there but then you make it to the most incredible view!

You can see all the things from up there. The two lakes, the whole town of Interlaken and the always snowy Jungfrau Mountain (which looks like where the grinch should live). You could see the paragliders coming down the mountain, which made my stomach turn.

So what did you do next?? The next day we booked our paragliding flight. (We booked ours here, If you take your GoPro, they will take pictures for you). Being a little scared of heights my stomach was in knots. I had been parasailing twice before and I was terrified both times. We got to the top and of course Allison and I were picked to run off first. Great.. I wanted a little more time to prepare myself. My pilot, Kisi, then proceeded to tell me it was his 3rd day flying. Soon I found out he was joking…

To my surprise it wasn’t scary at all, you start running and then all of a sudden your feet can’t reach the ground anymore (sounds great right?!). It was exhilarating! For the next 20 minutes I was given the most amazing view of my life!! ++ got to do some flips in the air.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Safe to say it was well worth the money.

The next day we went to a town close by called Lauterbrunnen, which is home to 74 waterfalls! As soon as we got off the train we were amazed by this waterfall in the middle of town. It looked like the water was moving in slow motion because it was so tall! We walked around a lot that day, and if I don’t have good legs but the end of the semester I will be highly upset.

Monday was a rainy day. However it was supposed to rain the whole time and we ended up only having one #blessed. We went to go see St. Beatus Caves, which turned out to be closed due to the water in the caves. It was a bummer, but we walked around Interlaken and did some shopping.

Tuesday was our last day. We rented bikes and rode around town. We rode down to Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. It was again nothing short of beautiful. Switzerland was the perfect first trip and I can’t wait to come back!!

Also click here to watch a Video of our adventure!



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